About Us

No Limit Catalytics was established in 2006 and began servicing metro Atlanta and surrounding areas with metal recycling services. Even though, the company is young and relatively new to the industry, it is an extremely aggressive automotive recycling company. No Limit Catalytics’ ensures the most competitive pricing on all automotive scrap from aluminum radiators to wiring harness.

While the company competes with our recyclers around town for automotive scrap, No Limit Catalytics excels in catalytic grading and pricing. We stand behind our premise of:
We offer the MOST competitive pricing and a SUPERIOR grade on ALL Catalytic Converters.

In order to be the leading catalytic converter buyer in Atlanta, GA, No Limit Catalytics has to stay ahead of the curve by specializing in each converter on the market. Specialization required us to test, document, catalog and sample each converter to see their true value. With extensive knowledge of the value and the evaluation process, our customers receive more money for their catalytic converters.

Catalytic Converter grading has changed. Items are cataloged and purchased by numeration code now. Our catalog list includes thousands of numbers and we ensure that:


We can make these guarantees because the No Limit team offers honesty, respect, reliability, and an enjoyable selling experience.  All of our buyers are highly trained with hours of classroom time, which is devoted to studying assay results and recovery data on individual catalytic converters.  Our employees also understand the importance of our customers.  Each customer is valuable to us and we will treat all with the respect they serve. No other company can offer the complete selling experience that we do.

No Games… No Gimmicks… No Hassles… is the No Limit Promise.


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