Mobile Pickup

IMG_0217We provide local and over the road pick up of various scrap metals, which include the following:

Catalytic Converters, Aluminum Wheels, Starters, Alternators, A/C Compressors, Automotive Batteries, Radiators, Engines and Transmissions…

We come to your place of work.

All items are quoted before they are loaded.

We load all items ourselves.

All customers are paid on the spot before we leave.

It’s simple.

We also offer:

Onsite Price Quotes- To ensure to our customers our integrity and honesty, we are prepared to give free ESTIMATES on Catalytic Converters.  We grade out the Catalytic Converters, put prices to them and leave you with a quote good for ONE WEEK. (Due to the constant fluctuation in the metal markets we are only able to 100% ensure our estimate for ONE WEEK.)Onsite Grading

Over the Phone Quotes- In order to educate and help our customers understand what they have; we offer over the phone ESTIMATES on many items. These quotes also expire after ONE WEEK.

Accept small shipments through the mail- To make things easy some customers ship their Catalytic Converters via mail or other small package carriers. Please contact us with pictures before shipping. Once the item(s) is received we will send payment.

No Limit Catalytics has many different options to serve our customers.

Please contact us for more details.

Catalytic Converters, Automotive, Metal Recycling and Recovering, Onsite Grading