Sell Online

No Limit Catalytics believes in building strong lasting relationships, while establishing new business concepts. In effort to help out-of- state customers we want to offer  a new feature called sell online feature. Instead of spending your precious time online with auctions, get the best price and sell directly to us.

Here is what you will have to do:

1. Take four different pictures of the catalytic converter like you see below. First in full, then each side and finally the numeration code.

2. After you have finished the picture taking process, please email our help desk at with the pictures and your contact information. One of our sales associates will contact you immediately and give you a direct quote on your catalytic converter.

3. Once the terms have been agreed upon, we will direct you to our Paypal account and begin the mailing and payment process.

(Please enter your PayPal Account or Merchant ID on the settings pages.)

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